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 We do purchase certain items. Please email the details including an expected price.

Commision Sale 


 We also offer to sell your goods on a sales commision basis. 


 As we are responsible for the sale then we require physical possesion of the items.

 You can either deliver the goods to us, or if possible, we will collect.

 Any shortages or damage will be notified within 2 working days of receipt or collection. 


 A receipt for the goods will be issued but you remain the legal owner until sold. We will

 arrange for the storage, internet advertising and despatch of the goods when sold.


 The goods will be advertised at the agreed price. All offers will be forwarded to you for

 approval. Once sold we will pay the amount received minus our agreed commission 

 and costs to you within 30 days of sale. There is a minimum charge of £10.


 If the goods remain unsold after 2 months then we will arrange for their return or

 disposal if no longer required.



 For companies that have surplus items we will advertise them on this site.

 With this option the buyer purchases the item from you directly.

 Unfortunately we cannot accept adverts from resellers. 


 Prices and instructions are on the website under advertise






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